Utilise the Healing Power
of your Imagination

It has been shown in countless research studies that it is possible for human beings to influence their own health and well-being with thoughts and visualization.

With the help of positive thoughts and visualizations you can, for example:

  • influence many physiological functions of your body
  • regulate your affects and emotions
  • modify your habits and rigid patterns of behaviour
  • improve performance.

Suggestin is a product that has been created to enhance this inbuilt ability to influence yourself with you mind. Suggestin tablets do not contain any medicinal chemical substances. The efficacy of the tablets is entirely based on the healing power of your mind.


The container comes with an instruction sheet and a self-adhesive label where the patients writes a description of the desired effect of the tablets, or in other words, a self-hypnotic suggestion that Suggestin is expected to reinforce. The instructions sheet includes general information about how to utilize positive imagery as an instrument in self-help and a guide explaining how to formulate self-healing suggestions properly to ensure their effectiveness.

benin-kuva.gifNote. Suggestin is not yet commercially avaiable. It is in experimental use. If you are a physician, psychologist, nurse, psychotherapist or a licenced medical professional, you can join our internatioanl experimental test team. To find out more, feel free to contact Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute www.brieftherapy.fi or Ben Furman, the developer of Suggestin www.benfurman.com.